Our Claire is feeling inspired…

This week, WHISC posted on their Facebook page about three of their attendees who’d created “Self Care Sacks” for other women in need. Each sack contained a host of items to help provide women below the poverty line with their basic needs and mental health. It was such a fantastic and generous thing to do.

The really great thing about generosity is that it’s mutually beneficial. For example, according to the HuffPost, generosity reduces stress, improves physical health, enhances our sense of purpose, fights depression, increases our lifespan, promotes social connection, and improves relationships. Wow! And all that from doing something nice for people! Surely this is something we all need to be doing!

The truth is though, too often, negativity dissuades us. How many times have we ignored a homeless person on the street, for example? I did it only last Tuesday and it made me feel bad about myself. So, on reflection, it seems the sensible thing would’ve been to have at least talked to them and not let the negativity win. So how do I go about being more generous?

According to the HuffPost, there are four steps to fully practicing generosity:

  • Give something that is sensitive to the other person. What does the other person really need? Maybe they want to feel less lonely. In which case, spending time with them is far better than giving them money or buying them a gift.
  • Accept appreciation. Allow people to thank you. This is what helps make bonds between you. So this is a time where modesty does you a disservice. Accept that what you did was a lovely thing to do.
  • Accept the generosity of others. Let others do nice things for you. Just as being generous is something you will enjoy, let others enjoy the experience of giving as well. That way, everyone wins.
  • Show appreciation. Gratitude is a part of what makes generosity so beneficial. No one likes to feel they’ve been taken advantage of. So let the other person know what their kindness means to you.

This is all very helpful because another great thing about being generous is that, according to Lifehack, it’s more likely to make us successful in life. I know when we look around us – especially at those who lead us – this may seem counter-intuitive but, when you consider that greed and selfishness lead to such negative thoughts and actions, it becomes easier to understand why. So lets allow ourselves to be inspired and follow the example of these three fantastic women who attend WHISC.


  • WHISC are currently in the process of opening up the Centre again and have a host of activities to get involved with. Visit the What’s On page for more information. They are have a Listening Ear service available by calling 0151 707 1826. Alternatively, leave a message on their Facebook page with your phone number and they’ll ring you back. Whatever you’re going through, WHISC are waiting to hear from you.

WHISC providing services for women.

As well as offering outdoor classes, Zoom rooms, online services and support over the phone, we are pleased to be able to announce the gradual reopening of services from the centre in Bold Street, Liverpool.

Please check our What’s On Calendar on the website and call us to find out more.

In our effort to keep everyone safe, we are following strict Covid-19 restrictions & because of this we are working a little differently. Please call if you would like to make an appointment.

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