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Micro Greens Production – Training for Women

Did you ever grow mustard cress in a saucer or a small tray when you were at school? If you did you would have produced what today we would call micro greens. Of course anybody producing micro greens today whether on a large scale of just something you do in your own garden (or even in a workroom) doesn’t just water a few seeds on blotting paper in a saucer and watch them grow over the days or weeks, but applies a skill and knowledge to produce food for the family and community. You too can learn these skills in a new course.

WHISC in partnership with Urbanag, the Community Interest Company who promote urban agriculture & train people in new technologies in food production are offering this project to provide training in order to produce micro greens and will enrol women who are seeking employment.

Although at present there are few jobs in the area for micro greens production, it is a food producing process that you can run from home or engage with others members of your community to grow these nutritious foods for community benefit. There are opportunities for community enterprises as well. Furthermore, micro greens production in the way we will teach it is a new form of food growing and one we will see a lot more of in the near future. There will therefore be a need for skilled workers in this form of food production. Lastly but by no means less important is the potential for many of the skills you can gain from this course to be very useful in other employment opportunities. These transferable skills (useful in many sorts of jobs), is a term you’ll be able to use in interviews and on your CV and should impress any prospective employer.

No previous knowledge or experience is required and the course covers all the material needs for participation as well as costs towards travel and childcare should you require these.

The first part of the course will take place at the WHISC office in Bold Street after which it will be based at Park Street Community Allotments in Toxteth.

If you are interested in joining the course or want to know more please contact

Lisa McLoughlin at WHISC email lisamcloughlin@whisc.org.uk or call WHISC on 0151 707 1826

Or John Smith at Urbanag email urbanag2010@gmail.com or on 079483 72821


Have you lost confidence? Feel like you’ve been at home forever?

If yes, WHISC are running key services for women who are unemployed and economically inactive, as part of the Directions project.

We are putting on courses to build self confidence and self esteem, and offering all participants the chance to volunteer with WHISC, to gain valuable experience. Some sessions will also concentrate on simple job search skills.

If you’re interested please contact us at women@whisc.org.uk, and we’ll get in touch. Courses will restart as soon as WHISC can re-open! This course is partly funded by the ESF.



The ‘Do It’ Project 


This course is for women over the age of 18, who are unemployed, looking to return to work or between jobs, and eligible to work in the UK. It assists them to set goals, increase self-esteem, reduce stress, learn new skills, prepare a CV, and present themselves effectively at interview. It consists of a combination of group work, one-to-one support, and three hours of voluntary work at WHISC every week (for three months). There is also the opportunity to undertake NVQ Level 2 Customer Service Skills or attend WHISC’s accredited Women’s Health Training Course (see above). Please contact us for availability. 


Other Health Sessions such as: 

Motherhood, Stress Reduction, Sexual Health, Breast Awareness, Healthy Eating, Self-Image, Eating Disorders, Drug Awareness, Mental Health, Depression, PMS and Menstruation… and many more!


WHISC Outreach Health Sessions are not exclusive to women. Where appropriate we can arrange sessions for mixed groups. Please contact us for further details and availability.




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