I’m Not Fine

Our Claire’s struggling… One of my favourite poems is Fine by Hollie McNish (from her book Plum). In it she examines the white lie we tell our friends when we say “I’m fine” when we’re really not. I love this poem because I’ve...

I Am What I Am

Our Claire has something to say… Last Sunday was National Coming Out Day. I first came out in 1999 in the wake of Queer As Folk being broadcast on Channel 4; in a world where I could still be fired for being gay, before the legal age of consent was equalised,...

Taking Off My Coat

Our Claire reaches out again… Yesterday, Kirsteen sent me the link to a TED talk about vulnerability. In it the presenter, Brené Brown, asserts that deep, meaningful, connection can’t happen without vulnerability – the willingness to pull back the...
The Centre at WHISC is temporarily closed in our effort to keep everyone safe in line with the tightening of lockdown restrictions across the region. We will review on a weekly basis. We will also post updates on Facebook.
We continue to provide services over the phone and online. We are continuing to use a centralised mobile number for people to book Listening ears on and this is as follows:
07708 381 568 for anyone in need of a chat.
Stay safe & see you soon. x