Our Claire’s struggling…

One of my favourite poems is Fine by Hollie McNish (from her book Plum). In it she examines the white lie we tell our friends when we say “I’m fine” when we’re really not. I love this poem because I’ve been guilty of hiding my feelings on countless occasions. I tell myself I don’t want a fuss or to be a burden but it’s also true I’m afraid of being judged. So I utter the words “I’m fine” to keep people at bay when, really, I want a hug. So believe me when I tell you I’m not fine.

I’m not fine that, just as I was finding my confidence in going out again, Liverpool has been placed under tight restrictions again. I’m not fine that I can’t even meet up with my neighbour and, because I’m not meant to use public transport, am reduced to being only able to travel as far as I can walk. I’m not fine that all the places I love socialising at are being forced to close, effectively ripping the lifeblood out the city. But it also isn’t fine that, according to the BBC, Liverpool’s infection rate currently stands at 660 cases per 100,000 – more than seven times the national average. It’s because the infection rate is so high that, WHISC’s drop-in centre has been forced to temporarily close again… which definitely isn’t fine.

Thankfully, WHISC’s Listening Ear service is still available though. So, if like me, you’re not fine then give them a call on 07708 381 568. Alternatively, leave them a message on their Facebook page and they will call you back.

I also know some services are being delivered over the internet now. For instance, I had a lovely Tai Chi session this week with Lis via Zoom and there’s Moyra reading poetry on WHISC’s Facebook page. This is why I continue to believe, despite all these challenges we’re being presented with, together we will get through this.

For all the latest up-to-the-minute information on all that WHISC has to offer please call 0151 707 1826.

Please Note: If you’re in crisis, please call The Samaritans on 116 123 or the emergency services on 999.

The Centre at WHISC is temporarily closed in our effort to keep everyone safe in line with the tightening of lockdown restrictions across the region. We will review on a weekly basis. We will also post updates on Facebook.
We continue to provide services over the phone and online. We are continuing to use a centralised mobile number for people to book Listening ears on and this is as follows:
07708 381 568 for anyone in need of a chat.
Stay safe & see you soon. x