Our Claire has been wondering where to go…

The glorious weather at the weekend prompted me to think about holidays. However, a possible third wave of the pandemic on the way is making the future look uncertain again and then there’s the expense to factor in. So my mind turned closer to home and what I could do for free around Liverpool. A quick search on the internet later and I had a host of options. Below are my favourites:

Art: Liverpool has one of the best art scenes I’ve discovered anywhere. From old masters at the Walker Art Gallery to modern masterpieces at Tate Liverpool to contemporary art at FACT, The Bluecoat and a host of smaller galleries, one thing Liverpool isn’t short of is art! And that’s not even including the street art dotted around the city! The Liverpool Biennial and John Moore’s Painting Prize are also on at the moment. These only happen every two years. So they really are an opportunity not to be missed!

The Beatles: Since I was a teenager, I’ve loved The Beatles. It was one of the things that drew me to Liverpool. So, of course, I’ve wanted to see the sites they’re associated with. But there’s no need to pay for a tour. All the information you need can be found on the internet and then it’s just a case of getting yourself to Penny Lane, Mendips, The Cavern, etc to see the sites for yourself. There’s also the statues of Eleanor Rigby on Stanley Street, John Lennon on Matthew Street, and all four Beatles at Pier Head. For a real Beatles fan like myself, Liverpool has no shortage of options!

The World Museum: Liverpool has plenty of museums to choose from but my favourite by far is the World Museum. It’s collections include world cultures, natural history, science, horology, and antiquities. Unfortunately, my favourite bit, the aquariums aren’t open until July but, as they say, the best things come to those that wait!

The Cathedrals: Liverpool is fortunate enough to have two cathedrals and each is quite unlike the other. The Metropolitan (aka Paddy’s Wigwam) is the more modern of the two. This is the largest Catholic cathedral in England full of “luminous beauty” and the light inside is really something to behold on a sunny day. At the other end of Hope Street is the Anglican cathedral which is more traditional but also home to some contemporary art. For example, it is currently home to the spectacular Peace Doves. I’ve also been lucky enough to hear an organ recital at the cathedral. So if you’re visiting on a Sunday afternoon be sure not to miss that!

The Wildlife: Although you can see plenty of wildlife in the city centre, it’s nothing like being in one of the parks or the countryside. Sefton Park is perhaps the best central park but further afield there’s Croxteth Park (please note Croxteth Hall is not free and also currently closed) which gives more of a countryside flavour. However, my favourite are the woods between Freshfield and Ainsdale. Here you truly get out into nature and can even see red squirrels if you’re lucky! Be sure to wear a good pair of boots or trainers you don’t mind getting muddy!

WHISC: Of course, I’m not going to forget to mention WHISC! They have so much to offer and always a hearty welcome (are we at the hugging stage yet?). Just take a look at the What’s On page of this website for more information. On the other hand, if you want a natter or to get something off your mind from the comfort of your own home, there’s also the Listening Ear service. Just call 0151 707 1826 or leave a message on their Facebook page with your phone number and they’ll ring you back.

As you can see from the above, Liverpool really is a treasure trove. So why go anywhere else?