In a recent poll, Sky News asked people what they thought the world would look like after the coronavirus pandemic. Almost half of those asked said they expected the internet to dominate both work and shopping. Yet humans are social creatures. So how do we replace those social interactions that are so essential to us when we’re compelled to stay home?

The most obvious answer is the internet. We’re extremely fortunate that this pandemic has struck in the age of social media. We can log on to any number of social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok for our dose of social interaction. Here at WHISC, we do a weekly quiz on our Facebook page. It’s great fun and there are also prizes to be won!

If you’d prefer to chat to someone directly, these days we’re able to call a friend on video link via Zoom, Skype, Facebook Messenger or any number of other apps. Or, failing that, chat on the phone. You could even call us here at WHISC on our Listening Ear service. The number is 07708 381568. If you leave your name and phone number, we will ring you back. You can also leave a message on our Facebook page with your phone number and, again, we will ring you back when we can.

Some of the above might be new to us though and we might not know how to use them. That is where an online search via Google, for example, comes in handy. Just put in “How to use Zoom (or name of other program you wish to use)” and visit the site of your choice. Some people find they learn best when others show them how. So, for them, watching a video on YouTube may be the best solution. However you find it easiest to learn, there’s bound to be an online guide for you.

The important thing though, just like those people in the Sky News poll, is that we look forward: Lockdown restrictions are being relaxed and we’re learning more about how to combat this virus every day. So there will come a time when we can carry on our lives without having to keep 2 metres from each other. Either way, socially distant shouldn’t mean socially isolated. Together we will get through this.

Dear All

We are gradually re-opening and we have been working hard to ensure the safety of all when visiting our Centre. From Monday 13th July we will be providing appointments and beginning Training Courses again.

To Book or for further information, please call 07708 381 568.


To keep us all safe we have put a number of safety measures in place that we ask you to please follow. 

Ø If you feel unwell, or have ANY Covid-19 symptoms, please cancel and stay home.

Ø Please come on time. Try not to be too early or late to avoid waiting in the communal area.

Ø On arrival we will be checking everyone’s temperatures.

Ø You will be provided with hand sanitiser and a mask,  if you don’t have one.

Ø Sorry but we won’t be offering refreshments. Of course, you are welcome to bring your own.

Ø Please limit the number of belongings you bring with you. As we will not be able to store coats, bags etc

Ø The ground floor loo will be open for use. We ask that you please use three separate Antibacterial wipes for 1st Flush button 2nd  Seat and 3rd Hand basin

The premises will be cleaned every day and deep cleaned once a week. Thanks so much for your help to keep WHISC safe.