Our Claire is getting happy…

This week, WHISC posted an article on their Facebook page about a man who had collated an album of happy sounds. So it got me thinking about sounds that make me happy:

  • My cat’s giggle: Sometimes, when my cat is super excited, she makes a noise that sounds just like a giggle. It’s really infectious and makes me giggle too. Also, her purr is really soothing too.
  • Seagulls: This week, I heard seagulls for the first time this year. It reminded me that I live near the seaside and that the summer days are coming back again. Birdsong in general is great too.
  • Music: Maybe an obvious one but I love all sorts of music. A bit of rock music will get my blood pumping and funk will get me dancing. This week, though, I also got into Dub (a form of reggae) which makes me picture long summer days in Jamaica.
  • Laughter: Another obvious one but it’s well proven how infectious laughter is. Mind you, just hearing another human voice at the moment makes me happy.

It was at this point, though, that I got stuck. Surely, I must have more than four ‘happy sounds’! Could I get some more?

A quick search revealed that there are many websites, such as SoundBible.com, that have put happy sounds into the public domain. There are also apps to download, like one called Happy Sounds, that do a similar thing. And, of course, there is the Positive Interactions album I mentioned at the start.

Another search revealed that there’s even a British Academy of Sound Therapy that has been conducting “ongoing research and development into Sound Therapy since 1994”. They claim that Sound Therapy has been “shown to be very effective at improving health and wellbeing”. So clearly there’s more to this than I first thought and I really must get more happy sounds into my life.

If like me, hearing another human voice makes you happy, then give WHISC’s Listening Ear a call on 0151 707 1826 or, alternatively, leave a message on their Facebook page with your phone number and they will ring you back. There’s also many online classes you can take part in. More information can be found on the What’s On page of this website.