Recently, the BBC has been broadcasting the TV miniseries Mrs America. The series was gripping from beginning to end as it told the story of the battle to get equal rights for women (the Equal Rights Amendment) ratified across the USA.

You might imagine that equal rights for women would have universal approval or that only a die-hard sexist could oppose it but, surprisingly, the fight against the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) was lead by a woman: Phyllis Schlafly. She argued that the ERA would not empower women but disadvantage them. In the series, Phyllis Schlafly (played superbly by Cate Blanchett) was portrayed as someone with homophobic and racist opinions we would challenge at WHISC. However, a little research reveals that the ERA was also opposed by others we might get along better with but who felt that it would eliminate protections for women at work. What this seems to confirm is that little is as cut and dried as you might think. There’s likely to be positives and negatives to everything.

You might take lockdown as another example of this. Some people appreciated the slower pace to life, not having to battle through the traffic at rush hour, having more time to spend with the family, the positive aspects for the environment, etc. Whereas, mental health charities reported an increase in demand on their services. This is further reflected in the relaxing of lockdown: some people have been going to the pub, going shopping, heading to the beach or even attending a protest. Whereas, for others, the relaxing of lockdown has made life more uncertain and scary.

If you’re in this latter group, there is a section dedicated to helping you manage your feelings on the Mind website. Of course, WHISC are also here for you. We are still continuing to offer our Listening Ear service. To take advantage of this, please phone 07708 381568 and leave your name and phone number and we will ring you back. Alternatively, leave a message on Facebook with your phone number and, again, we will ring you back when we can. However, if you’re able to visit us in person, we’re now providing appointments and Training Courses again. To do this safely, we’ve put a range of measures in place. These can be found on our dedicated page on this website.

However, as already stated, little in life is cut and dried. There will be positives and negatives to our re-opening but you can be assured we will do our utmost to overcome the negatives and increase the positives. You can also be assured we will be glad to hear from you, whether that is in person or over the phone. Never be in any doubt that, together, we will get through this.

The Centre at WHISC is temporarily closed in our effort to keep everyone safe in line with the tightening of lockdown restrictions across the region. We will review on a weekly basis. We will also post updates on Facebook.
We continue to provide services over the phone and online. We are continuing to use a centralised mobile number for people to book Listening ears on and this is as follows:
07708 381 568 for anyone in need of a chat.
Stay safe & see you soon. x