Our Claire is feeling rebellious…

When I heard that WHISC is continuing its Microgreens course, I was surprised. It is Autumn after all and my garden is covered with fallen leaves and flower blossoms. Surely nothing is growing now? But I’m wrong. There are of course evergreens and a quick internet search let me know that vegetables such as carrots, peas and spinach also grow at this time of year.

As well as all the mental health benefits of gardening that I’ve written about before, I think doing the opposite of what is expected (growing instead of dying) is nothing less than rebellion. Unlike many, however, I don’t frown on rebellion. Of course, there are those rebels that are, like weeds, destructive and unwelcome but, more often, I think rebellion is a force for good. Think of Martin Luther King Jr, for example, who refused to accept racial segregation and led the fight against it. Or Albert Einstein who confounded the accepted wisdom of the time and made great advancements in our understanding of the world. In popular culture, I think of David Bowie and Madonna who have flown in the face of what a pop star was meant to be, creating new possibilities for others to follow in their wake. I also think of paralympians like Ellie Simmonds and Tanni Gray-Thompson who refused to accept the limitations placed upon them and soared to sporting greatness.

The thing these people have in common is tireless dedication to a cause they believe in even when faced with great opposition. Surely that is something to aspire to ourselves? So as the weather turns colder and the days grow darker, why not start our own mini-rebellions? When all around is withering, let’s try to find it within ourselves to blossom. And if you’re short of inspiration, then don’t look any further than WHISC’s course in Microgreens.

If you want to know more about WHISC’s Microgreens course please email Lisa McLoughlin at WHISC lisamcloughlin@whisc.org.uk or call WHISC on 0151 707 1826. Alternatively, contact John Smith at Urbanag by emailing urbanag2010@gmail.com or calling 079483 72821.