‘The help and support was amazing when I needed it most and the understanding and
encouragement guided me back to the real world when I felt adrift. 4 years on and I still
credit the amazing women at WHISC and all the amazing women I met on a variety of
courses and through working there who supported me and helped me, for the life I now

WHISC are continuing to provide services for women. We have services online, over the phone and some small pre-bookable classes.

In our effort to keep everyone safe, in line with the new lockdown restrictions across England, we are following strict Covid-19 restrictions to keep everyone safe & because of this we are working a little differently.

The Drop-In at WHISC’s Centre is temporarily closed. Staff are still based at the centre and will be opening for Appointments only.

We are continuing to use a centralised mobile number for people to speak with us & for booking Listening ears appointments on and this is as follows: 07708 381 568

Stay safe & see you soon. x