On our Facebook page this week we posted a list of things to do when you’re stressed. But it’s not like we’d tell you to do things that we wouldn’t do ourselves! So, below, our Claire shares her thoughts on them:



There’s lots of guided meditation centred around breath on the Internet – some I find more useful than others – but the breathwork that I find really works for me is easy breaths in and out to the count of 4 (inhale for 4 seconds, exhale for 4 seconds) for a good ten minutes or so. Getting in a nice, comfy, position also really aids this.


Take A Walk

Lockdown has really made me think local. So I’ve been getting out for walks of around 30 mins to an hour each day. I’ve been quite intrigued by the local history where I live that I had no idea about. I also enjoy having a peak at people’s front gardens. Some really put an effort into them and look quite beautiful!


Organise Your Space

I’m not a tidy person, I have to admit. However, I do always feel better after I’ve made the effort – even if it’s just whizzing the hoover around. It just makes the place feel brighter somehow. What I really try to avoid, though, is beating myself up about my perceived failings. That just demotivates me and leaves me feeling miserable.


Make Silly Faces

Ever since I was a kid, I’ve been a bit of a gurner. I used to make my friends laugh with my silly faces. Even now I will pull silly faces in the mirror. It’s fun and it’s silly but it’s a really easy way to lift my mood.


Have A Dance Party

I don’t dance so much these days. It is something I used to enjoy though. I even learned how to line dance once, which was great fun! So, once I’ve finished this, I think I shall put some Stevie Wonder on (always my dance music of choice) and dance like no one’s watching – because they aren’t!


Put On Relaxing Music

There’s not much of my music that I could say was relaxing. However, I guess I could put on some Joni Mitchell or Judy Collins and relax to them. Some of Moby’s more ambient music is quite relaxing too. Perhaps I should put this on my To Do list and have a look through Spotify to see what other options I can find?


Imagine Your Happy Place

During lockdown I’ve reminisced about holidays I’ve enjoyed; places like Bilbao in Spain and Canada. Although it does make me feel a bit wistful, those happy memories have brightened my mood and made me determined to visit them again. Such is the power of our memories, sometimes I can feel the sun on my face, taste the great food I’ve tasted and feel virtually transported!


Rest Your Eyes

Looking at a screen all day – whether it’s the computer or the telly – tires my eyes out. So closing them and zoning out for a bit really helps. The world and all my worries just fade into the background. Finding that bit of peace for a few minutes is really quite blissful.


Call A Friend

I’ve found Zoom and Facebook Messenger video calls a real Godsend during lockdown. Not only do I get to hear my friends, I get to see them too. I believe humans are meant to socialise. I certainly begin to go a bit stir crazy if I’m left on my own too long.

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