This Christmas, our Claire is staying in…

Yesterday, the BBC reported that “Boris Johnson has urged people to keep Christmas celebrations “short” and “small” to reduce the risk of spreading Covid over the festive period.” So I’ve cancelled my plans to spend Christmas with my friend (who’s in the high risk category) and will now be staying home. This has set me thinking about what I can do instead…

Watch TV

As well as being able to watch terrestrial telly, I’m subscribed to a number of streaming services. So I’ll be able to watch all my favourites like Dinnerladies and This Is Us and also watch the new movies that come out like Mulan and A Christmas Gift From Bob. A number of theatres and concert halls like the National Theatre and The Liverpool Philharmonic are also streaming productions. Whilst there is a cost to this, I figure it’s not really much more than going out like I used to. Plus, staying at home, is a lot more comfy.

Listen To Podcasts

I’ve recently begun to get into podcasts. There’s an awful lot of choice out there and I’ve barely begun to scratch the surface with them. So it seems to me Christmas will be an ideal time to catch up on all the ones I’ve not had time for yet. There’s one where Brian Blessed reads bedtime stories, and the fellow from Horrible Histories has done a history series for grown ups too. The Crypto Queen also sounds intriguing – as does Stay Free: The Story of The Clash. As I say, there’s an awful lot of choice out there.

Be Creative

As I wrote about last week, I love to paint. In fact, my mental health begins to suffer if I don’t paint. So, no doubt, I will be doing some painting over Christmas. But I also have a cross-stitch I started earlier in the year and never finished. So Christmas will be a good time to finish what I started. I could also make some Christmas decorations to add to the ones I’ve already got and make my home even more cheerier.


Another thing I’ve written about is my love for running and a friend has set up a ‘virtual run’ for Christmas Day. So that interests me greatly. I might even dress up in costume for it and make a spectacle of myself! I also imagine I will do some short walks around the block as well. As my brother puts it, “Getting out for half an hour makes indoors seem really cosy without having to spend money on heating!”

Connect on Social Media

We are so fortunate to have so much social media to fall back on when we’re feeling lonely. Not only can I catch up on Twitter or Instagram, I can do video calls with my friends on Zoom and Facebook. It really helps seeing someone’s face and having a chat in real time without even risking getting COVID!

Eat, Drink and Be Merry!

In years gone by I might have felt guilty about lounging on the sofa and pigging out but not this year! It’s been a really hard year so why not indulge in all the things I like? It is only for one day and I’ll soon work it off again with the exercise I do.

So, all in all, I think I’ll have plenty of things to occupy me. But, if I do find myself beginning to struggle, I know WHISC has published a list of support services on their Facebook page that I can contact. So let the merriment begin!

WHISC providing services for women.

As well as offering outdoor classes, Zoom rooms, online services and support over the phone, we are pleased to be able to announce the gradual reopening of services from the centre in Bold Street, Liverpool.

Please check our What’s On Calendar on the website and call us to find out more.

In our effort to keep everyone safe, we are following strict Covid-19 restrictions & because of this we are working a little differently. Please call if you would like to make an appointment.

Please check our website and other social media for up-to-date information or give us a call.

Centre number is 0151 707 1826

WHISC services are staffed 10am – 4pm Monday through to Thursday.

Stay safe & see you soon x