Our Claire goes looking for confidence…

Getting out and about more in the last couple of weeks, has brought a renewed sense of confidence. However, this renewed confidence took a hit this week as coronavirus infections have risen sharply again. This immediately made me feel anxious and, consequently, my happiness suffered. Yet, if my confidence and happiness is reliant on the low risk of being infected by coronavirus, I think I’m in for a difficult time.

Interestingly, I found this sentiment echoed in this quote from the Huffpost: “Confidence in yourself is absolutely critical to living a joyful life. If you don’t trust yourself, you will find people and things to place your trust in, and you’ll slowly give away your power.” Clearly, instead of putting my trust in a low infection rate, I need to trust in myself.

But it doesn’t stop with just my anxiety. I also found an article on Psychology Today listing more benefits to being self-confident:

  • Greater Motivation: It stands to reason that as my confidence grows, the more motivated I become to stretch myself. Instead of fearing failure, I’ll have confidence that I’ll overcome whatever obstacles stand in my way.
  • More Resilience: With greater confidence will also come the ability to handle setbacks. I’ll be able to bounce back instead of sinking into the depths. Then, because I’m able to handle setbacks, I’ll grow less afraid of them and this in turn will give me more confidence.
  • Improved Relationships: With less fear of failure, I’ll be less afraid of looking silly. I’ll be less preoccupied with myself and more able to connect with others. This will make relationships with others easier and much richer.
  • A Stronger Sense of My Authentic Self: With greater self-confidence, I won’t fear other people’s opinions of me but be who I really am.

But, for someone like me with decades of anxiety, how do I get to be more self-confident? It’s not as easy as putting on the right clothes or buying the right things or I’d have done it by now. And isn’t that just putting my faith in other things besides myself again?

Well, luckily, WHISC may have just the answer I’m looking for. Directions are a set of courses that aim to build self-confidence and self-esteem. They also offer help with job searching and the opportunity to volunteer. If this sounds like something you’d also be interested in then email women@whisc.org.uk for more information.

If you’re unemployed, WHISC are also offering The ‘Do It’ Project. This course is for women over the age of 18, who are looking to return to work or between jobs, and eligible to work in the UK. It assists them to set goals, increase self-esteem, reduce stress, learn new skills, prepare a CV, and present themselves effectively at interview. It consists of a combination of group work, one-to-one support, and three hours of voluntary work at WHISC every week (for three months). Again, please contact WHISC for more information.