WHISC Funders

WHISC is a registered charity. We are currently supported by a wide range of funders including:

  • Liverpool City Council
  • Swan Mountain Trust
  • The Morgan Foundation
  • Awards 4 All
  • ESF
  • Comic Relief
  • John Moores Foundation
  • LCVS CIF-Jo Cox Fund
  • Community Foundation Red Cross
  • PH Holt
  • Women’s Centenary Fund

The following have also kindly given donations to WHISC:

  • Paul McCartney MPL Fund
  • Dr Katy Gardiner
  • Women Helping Yourself Group (WHY)
  • Hannah & Jonathan Bullen (Three Peaks over 2 Days)
  • UWCB
  • Steve Olsen, Doorfix, Liverpool
  • LUSH, Liverpool

WHISC Sponsored Walk

A big thank you to Gertie, all members of the WHY Group and everyone who walked to raise money for WHISC.

Total to be announced soon.


Thank you to all the individuals, service users and staff that have made donations and helped to raise funds for us.

If anyone would like to raise money on behalf of WHISC, please contact us for a Sponsorship Form on 0151 707 1826

To find out how you can support WHISC, please contact us on 0151 707 1826.