9th August 2017

I don’t know about you but sometimes my body leaves me baffled.

I mean, just what is that strange mark on my stomach? Is it serious enough to bother the doctor about? I really can’t be bothered to queue up at the walk-in. So maybe I should look things up on the internet? Then again, I’ve lost count of the number of times Google’s told me something benign was fatal. So where on earth do I turn to for reliable advice?

Well, maybe there’s another way? Maybe, instead of relying on others to tell me what’s what, I could become educated myself?

In which case, since it was originally founded by women seeking to learn more about their health, WHISC is the right place for me. In fact, they even have a course specifically designed to teach women about their health.

The Women’s Health Training Course is a Level 2 Open Awards accredited 16 week course for all women. Indeed, the diversity of women on the course, has been one of the great benefits of doing the course: Women have come together, shared their life stories, and learned from each other. Often they have made friends for life.

As well as being lovely, the tutor, Maggi, is highly experienced and qualified. The topics she will take you through include:

Menopause | Stress | Bereavement | Body Image | PMS | Mental Health | Cancer | Women In The Media | Healthy Eating | Assertiveness | Confidence | and so much more!

There are 32 places available on the course and there is a one-off £27 administration charge for the course, once you have accepted your place.

So if you’re seeking to improve your self-esteem, gain an insight into women’s health issues, work in a health-related field, been out of education for a while and want a gentle re-introduction to studying, or just want to become more informed about your body, why not give it a go?

To find out more information or to apply, please contact WHISC or drop-in to their Bold Street premises for an application form.