8th June 2017

Astoundingly, renowned feminist and co-founder of the Spare Rib magazine, Rosie Boycott, has blamed feminism for this country’s current obesity epidemic.

Ms Boycott is currently leading, Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan’s campaign to improve London’s food system. In an article in The Evening Standard, it states that Ms Boycott said the rise in the number of women in full-time jobs, rather than in traditional housewife roles, had led to a plunge in home cooking.

However, she did not advocate that the kitchen was solely for the reserve of women – but that men should take their fair share of responsibilities also.

Whatever your view on Ms Boycott’s opinion, I’m sure you will agree that more should be done to tackle the country’s obesity epidemic – especially considering the NHS is reportedly spending £1 billion a year on drugs to fight obesity.

But where do you start? If you’re a mum or a working woman – or both – where do you even begin to find the time to cook healthy meals? And as for the cost… well, you could buy a family meal for what a packet of grapes cost!

Well, as ever, WHISC are here to help by offering the following courses:

The Women’s Health Training Course has been running for over 20 years now. Each year it offers 32 places to women so that they can learn to look after themselves better – including advice on healthy eating. The course runs for 16 weeks and is accredited through the Open Awards (6 Credits, Level 2). The next course starts on Monday 25th September, 10am-2.30pm.

Make Peace With Food & Your Body is a 6 week course helping participants to gain a better understanding of their struggle with food, discover self-acceptance, and free themselves of their struggles. Together, participants work gently and respectively to discover what they are really hungry for and how they can begin to feel good in the body they are in. Please contact us for availability.

Weigh To Go is an 8 week course addressing healthy weight management with the support of your peers. This FREE course seeks to educate you in how to manage your weight for the long term and develop a healthier relationship to food and physical activity. The next course starts on Wednesday 4th October, 10am-12pm.

If you’re interested in any of the above, do get in touch to find out more or to register your interest.

Whilst, on the other hand… or both… is dough!

Knead To Talk offers the opportunity to have a good natter whilst being up to your elbows in dough! It’s really good fun and starts on Monday 19th June, 1.00-2.30pm. Again, do get in touch to find out more or to register your interest.

Whatever you decide to do, remember that a healthy body is a healthy mind and that, consequently, your life, quite literally, is in your hands.