31st May 2017

I have to say I’m delighted that Princes William and Harry, and the Duchess of Cambridge have been talking about mental health recently.

As a country, I believe we are far more used to being told to have a ‘stiff upper lip’. So for people of their position to talk openly about their struggles really tackles the ‘conspiracy of silence’ surrounding the nation’s mental health.

Harry, in particular, has been particularly frank, talking about shutting down his emotions for 20 years after the death of his mother, Diana, and being “very close to a complete breakdown”.

Of course, mental health is something WHISC has been concerned about for decades and pretty much everything they do is designed to improve it. In fact, their track record of results is so good, the numbers of patients being referred to them by their GPs has increased year on year.

Regrettably, the state of the NHS has also played its part; increasing the need to refer patients to organisations, such as WHISC, who are independent of the NHS. This is likely to continue for the foreseeable future – particularly if fears of the NHS being privatised materialise.

You might hope that WHISC’s funding would be increased to meet this expected demand. Sadly, it is not the case. A case in point is that WHISC’s funding from NHS Liverpool Clinical Commissioning Group has been cut. So, not unlike many other charities, WHISC is having to scrap for every bit of funding it can get.

So, looking to the future, what can we do to ensure the impetus provided by The Royal Family doesn’t fizzle out, leaving this country’s mental health in an even worse position?

Well, one way is to support organisations like WHISC. If you would like to do so, please do take a look at the Support page for more information. You will have WHISC’s everlasting gratitude for whatever support you give them.

Of course, another way is to continue talking about our mental health and the importance of funding services.