29th June 2017

With the British weather proving reliably unreliable, you might well be thinking of holidaying abroad this summer. After all, it’s not quite so much fun wandering along the beach, ice cream in hand, in the pouring rain is it!

Perhaps unsurprisingly there are numerous benefits to going on holiday. According to The Daily Mail, these benefits include:

Food: The British Nutrition Foundation claim holidays inspire you to try out different dishes, which is good news according to Japanese researchers. They found that increasing the variety of your diet increases the likelihood of meeting the recommended 5 portions of fruit and veg a day.

Sun: Research shows that exposure to sunlight increases the levels of vitamin D in our blood (which helps prevent infections) and fight depression. It is important not to overdo it, though. Exposure to too much sunlight can cause skin cancer, which is the most common cancer in the UK.

Sleep: Without the usual daily stresses playing on our minds, holidays can provide an ideal opportunity to sleep. This is good news for us who need to catch up on our sleep, giving us an opportunity to recharge our batteries. According to scientists, sleep also helps us fight infection.

Exercise: Who doesn’t like lounging around the pool in the sunshine? Well, a few laps in the pool can help us keep in shape. The more adventurous of us may have a go at water sports such as surfing and windsailing or even swimming with dolphins. Perhaps we might have a go at beach volleyball or tennis, riding a bike, or hiking. Whatever we do, it’s all good for getting the heart beating and keeping us fit and healthy.

Sea Water: Salt water contains detoxifying agents. The salt draws out impurities, leaving you feeling refreshed. Research also shows that the sound and rhythm of waves helps our brains to connect with the natural rhythm of our bodies.

Memories: When we have a really enjoyable holiday, it usually stores memories in our brain. These memories can then be used to evoke happy thoughts throughout the rest of the year, which can help us relax during more stressful times.

Laughter: Good times usually result in laughter which, according to research, helps prevent disease and fight depression.

However, one big downside to holidays is the cost. If you’re one of those who spend too much when on holiday, a guide put together by The Mirror on saving money may be of interest.

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