16th August 2017

Browsing the internet, I came across mental health charity Mind’s Five Ways To Wellbeing. These are as they may appear – five ways to feeling better – but are also backed-up by research by the New Economics Foundation.

They are as follows:


When we feel alone, mental health conditions such as depression are likely to arise. It is far better then to try and make a connection with people. This could be emailing someone or meeting up with someone for a coffee or anything else that brings you into contact with people.

Be Active

As well as allowing our bodies to become unhealthy, becoming a couch-potato also increases the likelihood of depression. By contrast, exercise gets us in better shape, helps lift our mood and also helps to slow down age-related decrease in brain activity. This need not be a workout at the gym though. It could just be walking to the bus stop, doing a few chair exercises or going to a yoga class… basically anything that gets you moving.

Take Notice

This is essentially living in the here and now; being aware of what is taking place around you. It can also lead to better self-understanding and making better life choices. Some people associate this with Mindfulness but it could just as easily be caring for a beloved pet or taking up a hobby – anything that raises your awareness.


Depression may also arise when our minds become less active for a long period of time, but we also become less able to think quickly. Consequently, continually learning throughout life enhances our self-esteem and wellbeing. This doesn’t necessarily mean going back to school though. It might be learning a new skill like crochet, seeing what your friends or family are up to, or just watching the telly. As long as we’re learning something new, it’s all good.


When we do someone a good-turn we nearly always feel good about it. This becomes even clearer when we contrast it with how we feel when we’re horrible to someone. We don’t all have to turn into Mother Teresa though. We could decide to volunteer a couple of hours at our local community centre, or something as simple as holding the door open for someone, or letting someone jump in front of us in a queue. Just remember, when we’re nice to each other, everyone wins!

One of the many things that struck me after reading Mind’s guide to the Five Ways To Wellbeing, was the fact that WHISC can help you with all of them. For example you might:

  • Learn how to send someone an email or how to use social media with the lovely Elena
  • Participate in one of WHISC’s groups or classes, such as Yoga or the WHY Group
  • Join one of the courses, like the Do-It Project or Women’s Health Course
  • Drop-in to the listening-ear service or Wednesday mental health drop-in
  • Volunteer with WHISC – this could be working in the Bold Street office, or even offering a therapy or to run a class around one of your skills

There is so much to do at WHISC! Why not get in touch to find out more about anything they do? …or anything they might do!