Women’s Health Information & Support Centre (WHISC) offers information, training and support on women’s health issues. The service is delivered by volunteers, seven salaried staff, and through partnership working. As well as a thriving drop-in service and support centre, we also have an outreach team providing services in the community. We have a proven track record of developing and maintaining essential relationships with women from isolated and marginalised communities (e.g. BAMER).

The interests of women are at the heart of our services. Our strength lies in the experience of our volunteers and staff, combined with effective governance, leadership and management. We ensure consistent standards and value diversity and are recognised as leaders in our field by being independent, inclusive, collaborative, responsive, effective, accountable, and well led.

testimonial_1The Structure of WHISC

WHISC is run by a Management Committee which oversees all the legalities of running a limited company and registered charity. The Management Committee is made up of women who are actively involved with WHISC.

WHISC currently has seven employees

…then, most importantly, there are all the volunteers.

WHISC’s History and Background

  • 1984 – Established by a group of women from a variety of backgrounds in the Vauxhall area of Liverpool. The women were dissatisfied with the information they got from their GPs, so they attended a Women’s Health Course in order to find out more about their own health and bodies, especially in areas such as PMT and the menopause.
  • The Women’s Health Course moved from Vauxhall to Shorefield Annex, Aigburth Road and with money from the County Council, a mobile women’s health bus was purchased. Some of the women embarked on counselling training and passed on their skills and knowledge.
  • The women wanted a base in the city centre. The Family Planning Clinic in Bold Street offered WHISC a room one day a week (Thursday) and this is where the ‘drop-in’ began. As weekly visitors, the women had to pack and unpack all the information for the drop-in session each week.
  • 1991  – The Family Planning Association closed down their Liverpool office, leaving WHISC without premises. We relocated to 95a Mount Pleasant, where money from fund-raising allowed us to refurbish a “betting shop” into a drop-in.
  • 1994 – due to an increasing number of clients and volunteers, the premises became too small and finally, after a frantic fundraising exercise, WHISC settled at 120 Bold Street, our present home.