8th August 2016

As you’re probably aware, Pokémon GO has been making news since it was released a few short weeks ago. The game sees the real world merge with the virtual as players go out and about in public, trying to catch creatures called Pokémon on their mobile phone.

The game is far from just for kids though. For instance, The Independent has devoted a section entirely to the game! There are also numerous Facebook groups as players come together as a community to help each other locate Pokémon – including groups in Liverpool and Wirral – and also hold social events where “lures” are released to entice elusive Pokémon to the meeting point.

The game has been such a success that the shares of Nintendo shot up by 14% in one week! As well as setting the record for the most shares ever traded in one day in Tokyo stock market history!

It also seems to be agreed that one unmistakable benefit of the game is that it’s drawing traditionally reclusive gamers out into the outdoors and getting some exercise! This has knock-on benefits including reducing the risk of heart disease, type 2 diabetes, asthma, and even some cancers! So not only do the players have fun – they get fit and healthy too! When was the last time you could say that about a computer game?!!

However, the news has not been all good. The game has been seen as a social menace by some as hordes of people descend upon unsuspecting locations – including sacred sites like Hiroshima Park– in search of Pokémon. Even more alarmingly, it has been associated with murders and luring children to paedophiles! Women may also feel nervous socialising with groups of males who have been notoriously misogynistic in the past.

So perhaps another answer for us women who want to have fun whilst exercising is to forget about Pokémon and join WHISC’s Women Only Walking (WOW) group instead?

The group meets at 10.45am on the last Tuesday of each month and are then lead on a guided walk around a nearby location. Last month it was the glorious Sudley House and this month it will be New Brighton promenade (so perhaps not all that healthy then, if we don’t manage to avoid the temptations of ice cream and candy floss!).

To find out more and to register your place, please call 0151 7071826.