30th August 2016

Once, when I was at junior school, my parents were asked by the teachers to stop me reading so much because I was too advanced for the rest of my class. My parents’ response was to move me to another school.

Whatever your view on this, rest assured no such issue will arise at WHISC’s new reading group for women.

Instead, from 5th September, the group will welcome readers to WHISC’s Bold Street premises every Monday, 3.15-4.30pm, to enjoy a variety of short stories and poems, relax, and socialise. All reading material plus tea, coffee, and biscuits will be provided. All we ask for the aforementioned is a suggested donation of 50p.

So whether you read for pleasure, want to improve your literacy, or wish to make new friends, this is the group for you! There will be new reading material available each week so you won’t miss out or get left behind if you miss a week. Instead, you are free to join in as and when you like!

If you’re still unsure, you may like to know that reading has been proven to improve wellbeing.

Research by The Reading Agency has shown that reading for pleasure reduces stress, depression and dementia, and increases relaxation.

The research also found that reading for pleasure increased enjoyment of life, self-understanding, empathy, cultural knowledge, community cohesion, and health literacy.

On the other hand, if you’d prefer a personal recommendation, I can tell you that reading has been a welcome distraction from my depression as well as inspiring me to become a published author and poet.

So I thoroughly recommend you pop along to WHISC’s new reading group for women. You will be made most welcome!

Incidentally, once I’d been moved to another school, I won an award for my reading ability – a lovely, illustrated, copy of Black Beauty. 🙂