22nd August 2016

The BMJ (British Medical Journal) recently published a report that found those who volunteered regularly experienced higher levels of mental well-being than those who never volunteered.

As the Mother Nature Network states, this report is just the latest study to find “volunteering is as good at keeping you mentally sharp and physically healthy as a daily dose of vitamins or exercise.”

As a person with several years volunteering experience, I can personally vouch for how rewarding voluntary work can be.

I may not get paid but, unlike some jobs I’ve had, I’ve never felt taken for granted. Quite the contrary! Managers welcome me with open arms, make time for me, and seek my opinions.

I can also honestly say that I can’t ever remember leaving a voluntary shift feeling worse than when I arrived! In fact, for someone like me who battles depression, I can say voluntary work has been a life saver!

Volunteering for WHISC has been no different. It is the highlight of my week and I always leave on a high, knowing I’ve made a valuable contribution and been appreciated for it.

So, if you teach a relaxation or exercise class, you may like to know WHISC are seeking volunteers to lead classes in the late afternoons/early evenings.

WHISC aim to provide the classes for women of all walks of life – not just the well-off – so the classes are mostly free or very cheap.

WHISC are also open to any suggestions for classes that help women to exercise, relax and explore ideas.

So if you teach an exercise or relaxation class and are willing to give an hour of your time, WHISC would love to hear from you.

There are more rewards in life than money!