1st August 2016

It is less than a year since the beloved Liverpool Women’s Hospital was celebrating its 20 year anniversary of being officially opened by the late Princess Diana of Wales. However, as you may be aware, there are suggestions to move the hospital next door to the Royal Liverpool Hospital as part of a “health campus”.

It is said that if you ask any scouser about the Women’s Hospital, they’ll have a story about it – whether that be about their wife, their sister, their mum, their gran, their aunt, or themselves! But is this a good enough reason not to move the hospital? After all, maternity is becoming increasingly complex. So perhaps a new hospital needs to be built to meet the new challenges.

For instance, The Mirror has reported that women over 40 are having more babies than teenagers! And that, since 1981, the fertility rate among older women has more than trebled!

Dianne Brown, Director of Nursing and Midwifery at the Women’s Hospital, also states that women with complex health conditions (e.g. epilepsy, heart problems, diabetes, etc) are now having babies when they couldn’t have done so previously.

Cancer is a case in point. Although the occurrence of cancer during pregnancy is very rare, these days it no longer means a termination is absolutely necessary. In fact, Cancer Research UK states most women are able to carry on with their pregnancy and that cancer treatment can even be delayed. However, a downside to this pointed out by Dianne Brown is that 800 patients a year have to be transferred from the Women’s to another hospital to receive the specialist care that they need.

With a new hospital comes the promise of the most advanced healthcare possible. Healthcare, for example, that could enhance the chances of babies born prematurely – even those born 22 weeks into the pregnancy.

But has the case for relocation been made? After all, why can’t we have all that’s promised at the new hospital in the old hospital? Is it not more cost-effective to refurbish the old than build the new?

And what about the women and families of South Liverpool? The relocation will mean they no longer have the services they need on their doorstep. In fact, the relocation will not only affect them but local businesses and the resultant knock-on effects for the whole area!

But what can be done?

Well, for a start, you can make your views – whether for or against – known to us at here at WHISC.

We will be holding a consultation event for all women to share their views about the future of the Women’s Hospital on Tuesday 9th August, 12-3pm. The event will also provide an opportunity to find out more about the move. FREE taster massages, henna painting, refreshments and nail art are available on the day.

If you wish to know more, please call 0151 707 1826.

We hope to see you there!