15th August 2016

As I type, the newspapers are celebrating Team GB’s greatest ever day at the Olympics.

Amongst the 5 golds Team GB won on Sunday was Andy Murray, who was the first ever player to win back-to-back Olympic tennis titles, and Justin Rose, who became the first Olympic golf champion since 1904.

This followed Saturday’s medal haul for Team GB, when both Laura Trott and Mo Farah made history by claiming their third Olympic titles.

Of course, these successes only come after years of hard work preparing for that one moment of glory! Talk about pressure!

So Mo Farah’s heart must’ve been in his mouth when he fell over on one of the laps of the 10,000 metres. All those years of training only to fall flat on his face! But, no, he quickly sprung back to his feet and ended up winning by quite a sizeable distance!

I think a clue to Mo Farah’s strength of character is in the fact that he is a Somalian immigrant, who spoke hardly a word of English when he arrived – so no easy starts in life for him!

But, of course, we all face our own trials in life but, when we are struggling – perhaps even flat on our faces – we should take inspiration from Mo Farah and get back on our feet again.

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